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Meet Dr. Farah Sefidvash

For nearly two decades, Dr. Farah has been helping her patients achieve healthier, more complete smiles. She’s a good listener who provides specialized care to meet the unique needs of every person she meets.


Dr. Farah received her bachelor's degree in Bio-Engineering from University of California San Diego. She obtained her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from UCLA Dental School. She achieved further training in hospital dentistry from UCSF School of Dentistry & San Francisco VA Hospital and completed a training in implant dentistry from New York University. Subsequently, Dr. Farah began practicing dentistry in the Marina/Cow Hollow area. She frequently follows and tests new technology that comes out on the market. A Preferred Invisalign Dentist in San Francisco, she regularly straightens smiles with this virtually invisible treatment.



Are You Experiencing A Dental Emergency In San Francisco? At Smile SF, your local dentist, Dr. Farah Sefidvash, can help you if you’re experiencing any of these dental emergencies with same-day service at her walk-in dental clinic. Be assured that Dr. Farah has the training and tools necessary to provide accurate and comprehensive treatment during regular dental appointments and emergencies. We always reserve time in our schedule for emergencies, so if you are in pain or have injured your mouth – please call us right away.

Here are some common dental emergencies and how to handle them:

Your tooth keeps you up at night or stops you from enjoying day-to-day activities – Rinse your mouth with warm water and check to ensure there’s nothing caught between your teeth. Never let Aspirin or other painkillers dissolve in your mouth or hold them against your gums near the aching tooth. Use a cold compress instead and call us! Untreated tooth pain will only get worse. We can help with same-day emergency service.


Swelling & infection in your mouth – There are a number of causes of mouth sores and swelling, from irritation that may go away on its own to more-serious gum disease. As an oral health expert, Dr. Farah puts your mind at ease by determining the cause, getting you out of pain, and helping you solve your issue.

A cracked or chipped tooth or broken crown that feels sharp or weak and prevents you from chewing food – For a chipped tooth, rinse the chip gently with warm water and apply cold compresses to any mouth swelling. In all cases, call us or walk in for pain relief the very same day. We’ll repair your tooth and get you back to smiling in no time.

We’re glad you’ve found your emergency dentist! Dr. Farah Sefidvash at Smile SF is an expert in saving teeth, relieving toothaches, and restoring teeth to bring back your smile.